Mobile App/Virtual Check-In

Here at Orchard Meadows Family Dental & Denture Clinic, we are making every effort to protect our patients and ensure a safe, contactless process for scheduling appointments, completing paperwork, checking in, making payments, and following up. As a part of those efforts, we are excited to offer a Mobile App and Virtual Check-In process through the Modento App.

Download our mobile app to keep everything in one place for things like filling out your paperwork, appointment reminders, or practice information.

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Not a fan of apps? No worries.

If you don’t want to download the app, you can still utilize your mobile device to keep things contactless. You will receive a link via text message or email to confirm your next visit, fill out any needed forms, and even check in, all from your phone. With our Virtual Check-In and Waiting Room, just click the Check-In link once you’ve arrived in our parking lot to instantly let our team know that you’re here and wait for someone to call you in and escort you to your room.

Face-To-Face Check In

Of course, if you don’t have a mobile device, or if you’d rather check in face-to-face that’s still an option. Just show up 15 minutes early for your appointment and together we’ll go over your paperwork to make sure everything is up to date.

Dental Savings Plan

So What is a Dental Savings Plan?

The dental savings plan (DSP) helps patients without dental insurance save money and protect their dental health.

Instead of paying for each appointment, you pay an annual fee that covers a year’s worth of care at a 25% discount. An average DSP family of four saves between $540 and $820 a year. DSP patients also receive a 10% discount on fillings, crowns, whitening, and other dental services. Schedule your appointment today or call our office at 605-737-3150 for more information.

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Preventative Plan

› 2 Preventative Hygiene Visits
› 2 Doctor Examinations
› 2 Fluoride Treatments
› 1 Velscope Oral Cancer Screening*
› 1 Set of X-Rays
› 1 Free Panoramic X-ray every 5 years






*Adults only.

Perio Maintenance Plan

› Up to 4 Perio Maintenance Visits
› 2 Doctor Examinations
› 2 Fluoride Treatments
› 1 Velscope Oral Cancer Screening*
› 1 Set of X-Rays
› 1 Free Panoramic X-ray every 5 years




  • Benefits are renewed annually and must be used in current contract year.
  • Savings plan cannot be combined with any other insurance coverages, discounts, or promotions.
  • Prices are subject to change.

Financial Options

Here at Orchard Meadows we are happy to provide our patients with various options to facilitate your dental care.

Credit Card:

Debit Card



We also offer Third Party financing through CareCredit®, LendingCLUB®, OR Cherry®. With the help of CareCredit®, LendingCLUB® or Cherry® qualifying patients are able to better finance and make monthly payments. Click on the below links to learn more and apply online!

Insurance Information

We will file all insurance claims for you, and we are Preferred Providers with Delta Dental. However, we ask that you realize we don’t work for an insurance company. Rather we work 100% for our patients. We feel that insurance can be a great benefit for many patients and want you to know we will do everything in our power to ensure you get every benefit allotted in your insurance contract. However, the treatment we recommend and your fees we charge will always be based on your individual needs, not your insurance coverage. If you have any further questions about your insurance, please give us a call at (605) 737-3150.