Dentures may be a great option if you have lost some or all of your original teeth. They are made from dental materials that are comfortable and durable, and when properly fitted, new dentures can have the look and feel of natural teeth.

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Benefits of Dentures:

  • Prevents the sagging of facial muscles
  • Eat and speak normally
  • A natural looking for gums and teeth

Treatment Process

  1. First appointment — dental exam and impressions of your gums.
  2. Second appointment – ‘wax’ try in. During this critical step in the denture process, you will be fitted with a mockup of your denture that includes a set of pre-made acrylic or composite teeth, set in wax, to make sure you are happy with the dentures general size, shape, position and tooth color.
  3. Third appointment — delivery of your new dentures including adjustments to give a comfortable fit and bite.
  4. Follow up appointments — you may need to return to the office for an adjustment if you experience any sore spots or issue within the next few weeks.