"We are truly blessed to live in an amazing part of the country. Rapid City is a thriving and growing community set at the eastern edge of the beautiful

Black Hills of South Dakota."

  • Doctor

    Thank you for your interest in our opening for a dentist at Orchard Meadows Family Dental & Denture Clinic. My name is Mark Garner and I would be glad to share with you any specific information you might be looking for on the practice, our community, or anything else related to a move to Rapid City. In the meantime, let me share with you some general information about our community and our Orchard Meadows.

    We are truly blessed to live in an amazing part of the country. Rapid City is a thriving and growing community set at the eastern edge of the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. Rapid City proper has a population of over 70,000 and is the economic hub for a population of roughly 200,000 people when including the surrounding communities. Rapid City has great public and private schools as well as many great stores and restaurants. It is also home to Regional Health, a large medical complex with several locations, making Regional the largest employer in the area. Rapid City Regional Airport offers several flights daily to Denver, Minneapolis, Salt Lake, and other large metropolitan areas. The area is also home to Ellsworth Air Force Base, which is located 10 miles east of town. The Black Hills offer unlimited opportunities for outdoor recreation, regardless of the season, including hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, mountain biking, snow and water skiing, rock climbing, ATV/snow mobile riding and much, much more. The Black Hills is a relatively dry climate with low humidity and very few mosquitoes or other biting insects. The average high temperature is 87 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and 38 in the winter, with an average low of 60 in the summer and 15 in the winter. We definitely live in our own little slice of heaven.

    Our practice is growing much faster than I can keep up with. Orchard Meadows Family Dental & Denture Clinic was founded in 2006 as the Denture Clinic. Although we were a general dentistry office, as the name implies,  there was a heavy emphasis on removal prosthetics. We are lucky to have our own on site removable lab and fixed pros lab, which is owned by my brother, Aaron. We are the only dental office in the area to have both a removable and fixed lab on premises. In 2016, our office rebranded to the current name and we started planning the development of a new building. Through the rebranding process, we are working to enlarge our footprint by letting our population know we are a general dentistry office, while retaining the niche we created in the removable prosthodontic arena.

    In our office we have lots of fun! In fact, ‘Fun’ is our first of (how many?) core values. Please do not let that fool you  -- we place a very high value on training and performing at a very high level. We just have fun while doing it. My team and I do several things for each other and our community. As a team we have  gone on mission trips, cruises, and other travel for training and fun. We regularly do local social activities outside the office like bowling, dinner, hockey games, camping, and many other events to build our relationships. We love to celebrate our accomplishments and milestones. I feel strongly that these activities help us work better as a team and ultimately help us to accomplish our goal of serving our patients and giving them the best dental experience possible.

    I also have a large heart. As the practice owner I feel strongly that we have a responsibility to use our gifts and abilities serving those in our community and abroad that do not have regular access to dental care. We have partnered with three main charities – Conexcion, Dentistry from the Heart, and Freedom Day -- that help us scratch my itch for service. Conexcion is based in Costa Rica and organizes dental and medical mission trips to serve the underserved local population. My wife and I have a soft spot for the Costa Rica and their amazing people. We have been there on dental missions and love it! In 2017 we gifted a trailer to a local non-profit and outfitted it with dental equipment to better serve their remote populations. Dentistry from the Heart is a national nonprofit organization that we partner with each May to help the underserved in our community. The office closes to our regular patients and opens for anyone needing free dentistry, no questions asked. The patients are seen on a first come, first served basis and we typically see 50 to 80 people. It is my favorite day of the year! Afterword, we host a party at my home to say thank you to all the staff and volunteers who help make the day a success. A similar event called Freedom Day takes place every year around Veteran’s Daywhen we open the clinic strictly to underserved veterans in our community. I am a veteran and needed a way to serve my veteran brothers and sisters.  Freedom Day is another national charity that we have partnered with to help fill the needs of our veteran community. We also support many local charities including the United Way, the Hope Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and several others. Through these partnerships, we strive to be a very giving office and do good in the lives of those around us, while feeding our own souls.

    Our practice is mostly fee for service, very busy and fast paced. We work hard every day. We are looking for the right person to come join our growing office. First and foremost, this person must have a giving heart. I feel that if they do not, they will not fit with the office culture we have worked so hard to build. This person must also have a strong desire to learn. They must be teachable and have the desire to be mentored. The position is for a full-time dentist and comes with a guaranteed starting salary that will move to a percentage of adjusted production. The compensation package includes health insurance, retirement planning, malpractice insurance, dental, vacation, and  paid continuing education (CE).

    If this interests you, I look forward to hearing from you again soon. Please feel free to email me any time.

    Warmest regards,


  • Dental Hygienist

    As a Dental Hygienist with Orchard Meadows Family Dental & Denture Clinic, you will work in a fun and supportive environment with a dedicated team of dental professionals who are just as dedicated and excited about dentistry as you are. From best-in-class learning and development programs, a commitment to promoting from within, and a competitive salary and benefits package, you will have opportunities to not only expand your career, but your life. You will get hands on clinical experience by educating patients, performing checkups, and conducting cleanings while working directly with our supporting dentists on the best treatment for our patients. Not only can you maximize your career potential, but you can make a real difference in the lives of your patients.


    Essential Duties:


    • Cheerfully welcome and seat patients.
    • Prepare and properly set up treatment rooms for hygiene procedures.
    • Review and update patient’s health history; chart progress, treatments, and home care compliance.
    • Clean calculus deposits, accretions, and stains from teeth and beneath margins of gums, using dental instruments, including scaling and root planning for patients with periodontal disease.
    • Apply fluorides and other cavity preventing agents to arrest and prevent dental decay.
    • Assess and evaluate patient through exam, patient records, and patient’s medical history to assist in diagnosis of dental hygiene problems, disease, and efficacy of administered treatment plans. Complete scheduled treatments.
    • Recognize early signs of periodontal disease; chart restorations and note areas of concern.
    • Develop and present treatment plans.
    • Capture, process, download, and organize x-rays for doctor to view; must be capable of interpreting x-rays independently.
    • Perform head, neck, and oral cancer exam.
    • Use probes to examine gums and locate periodontal recessed gums and signs of gum disease, then communicate findings to patient and doctor.
    • Select, mix, and place materials on instruments and in the patient’s mouth as needed.
    • Educate and motivate patient on proper oral hygiene and corrective/preventative measures.
    • Work chair-side as needed and assist doctor in hygiene examination.
    • When qualified, give anesthesia when requested and as treatment dictates.
    • Schedule appropriate re-care appointments.
    • Conduct patient interviews in accordance with Scheduling Institute trainings with attention to patient health, safety, comfort and treatment planning.
    • Take radiographs.
    • Document dental hygiene services including the nature of the dental visit, the condition of the patient, and the care or treatment provided.


  • Dental Assistant

    As a Dental Assistant with Orchard Meadows Family Dental & Denture Clinic, you will have the support you need to reach your career goals. From best-in-class learning and development programs, a commitment to promoting from within, and a competitive salary and benefits package, you will have opportunities to not only expand your career, but your life. Dental Assistants are crucial to ensuring the practice functions as it should, and joining Orchard Meadows is a great way to get your career started.  Not only will you get a feel for the rewarding field of dentistry, but you will also maximize your career potential and make a real difference in the lives of your patients.


    Essential Functions:


    • Prepare treatment area in a timely manner by sterilizing, positioning, and delivering instruments for dentist’s access.
    • Must be comfortable presenting treatment plans.
    • Assist with confirming appointments, collecting patient payments, preparing billing, processing insurance forms, scheduling patients for procedures when needed, and other reception duties.
    • Must maintain regular, consistent and punctual attendance in accordance with assigned schedule and time off policies.
    • Participate in continuing education and seminars, which may require auto or airline travel.
    • Greet and seat patients in treatment rooms in accordance with Scheduling Institute training.
    • Conduct patient interviews, in accordance with Scheduling Institute trainings, with attention to patient health, safety, comfort and treatment planning.
    • Properly take diagnostic radiographs.
    • Escort and formally “hand off” patients to front desk after treatment, checkout personnel, etc.
    • Conduct office tours for new patients; prepare and distribute new patient gifts.
    • Maintain highest possible rate of efficiency to maximize doctor effectiveness.


  • Front Office Specialist

    As a Front Office Specialist at Orchard Meadows Family Dental & Denture Clinic, you will be at the forefront of our practice, playing a key role in the day-to-day function of the office. You will be the first face patients see when they visit the office, and work with them directly to help provide the care they need and deserve. You must have excellent organizational, communication, and collaborative skills.  In addition, you will fulfill a variety of vital administrative task, helping ensure everything in the office runs smoothly and everyone is working together effectively. Joining Orchard Meadows Family Dental & Denture Clinic is a great way to start your career and get a feel for the rewarding field of dentistry. Not only can you maximize your career potential, but you can make a real difference in the lives of your patients.


    Essential Functions:


    • Answer phones and schedule appointments using Scheduling Institute 5-Star program.
    • Greet and seat patients in reception area and alert care provider, including any special circumstances.
    • Obtain parental/legal guardian and other necessary consents and releases.
    • Continuously request and update patient contact and health information in computer system.
    • Offer Patient Privacy (HIPAA) Policy to all patients.
    • Assist patients with insurance-related matters, Dental Savings Plan, and other billing matters.
    • Obtain insurance company pre authorizations for treatment.
    • Schedule patient visits and coordinate walk ins or emergencies with hygienists and dentists.
    • Conduct daily chart audits for the following day’s schedule.
    • Proactively work to fill schedule by adding new patients; reactive and recall previous patients; reviewing unscheduled treatment plans; and ensure follow up appointments are made.
    • Maintain Scheduling Institute 5-Star Certification.
    • Keep track of new patients, referrals, walkout collections, gift cards, broken appointments, and other data.


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